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Wayne Thomas, Owner

Q. Where can we find you when you’re not working?

I’m very passionate about church planting – the idea of starting a new church where one did not exist.  We all take for granted the churches all around us and assume they have been there forever.  That’s not the case.  Somewhere in the past, a group of individuals stepped out in faith to plant the churches we now see as an integral part of our community.

I am involved in church planting for the Anglican Church of North America and have been involved in three church plants over the past ten years.  We are currently planting a new church at WinMock, Church of the Good Shepherd, that just celebrated its one-year anniversary of meeting on Sunday morning.


Angela Carleton, Director of Corporate & Non-Profit Events

Q. What is the one problem you are best at solving for your clients?

I love an “out of the box” request from clients!  We have had some interesting requests such as, “We want to hoist and butcher a side of beef during a presentation” or “We want to park 7 of our new cars on your terrace and grounds during our event” or “We have 1200 people that we want to entertain with carnival rides, games, live bands, and food”.   My first thought is always, “This is going to be interesting!,” but it is not in my nature to say no to a client.  If there is a will, there is a way, and I am going to find the way!  I am fortunate that our owner Wayne Thomas, enjoys “out of the box” experiences as well.  Our creative juices start flowing, we come up with a plan, then we go to work to bring the client’s request to a reality.  This makes for a very happy client, which is very fulfilling to me!

Q. Any volunteer activities you’re crazy about?

My volunteer activities go hand-in-hand with my love for cycling.  I participate in charity bike rides for numerous non-profit organizations.  In 2015 I organized the first annual Tour du Jour Charity Bike Ride, which benefits the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC.  The event raises money, collects non-perishable food items, and helps raise awareness for hunger in our area.   I also serve on the organizational committee for the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic.  The WSCC benefits the Sceptor Pain Foundation, a non-profit organizations which funds medical research in pain management.  This 2-day road and criterium cycling race hosts men’s and women’s professional cycling teams from all over the world.  My work with the committee involves placing all of the international riders with local, volunteer hosts.  This event brings international exposure to Winston-Salem and garners millions of dollars in economic impact.  It is a blessing to be able to combine my love of cycling with doing good work for the community!

Rebecca Kearns, Director of Weddings & Social Events

Q. What are you most passionate about professionally?

This may sound just beyond cliché, but I really am most passionate about seeing tiny visions blossom into reality—whether that is a ceremony under the North Carolina blue sky, elegantly styled reception in our Loft, marrying the gentleman of your dreams, or even an intimate baby shower bounding in florals—I love to see them all come together!

Q. What path brought you to this position?

After receiving my Bachelor’s from UNCGreensboro in the special events field, I began working specifically with non-profit and recreation events, all while dreaming about and growing my skills in the wedding industry. An opportunity came up to join the WinMock family, and I knew that the high-energy, fast-paced, and results-oriented team was a perfect fit for me. I am now Director of Weddings and Social Events, and am honored to play even a small part in such incredibly special occasions!

Q. What can’t you stop talking about?

On any given day, you can hear me gush about these three things: my faith, my family, and weddings, of course!


Dawn Siverson, Operations Manager

Q. Any volunteer activities you’re crazy about?

I love to give my time to Old Salem Museums and Gardens!  Whether it’s scraping light poles or hiding Easter eggs, I love to be around the history and energy of Old Salem.

Q. Where did you grow up and why aren’t you there now?

I’m originally from Minnesota, but have fallen in love with the North Carolina weather!  I was fortunate enough to find a job I loved right after graduation so I never left.

Q. What are you most passionate about professionally?

Ensuring that the client’s vision of their event is exceeded is my passion.  I love to learn everything that they are thinking about and want to help make that come alive for their guests.

Laura Osepchuk, Events Administrator

Q. What are you most passionate about professionally?

I am passionate about serving others and truly enjoy making connections, both inside and outside of my professional role. As the Events Administrator, I am so looking forward to helping clients experience tiny moments that will become some of their most cherished memories. From the butterflies felt by a bride and groom before their first look to an anticipated conference going even better than imagined  and to seeing what was once a dream wedding become a reality, I am so excited to be a part of creating and experiencing truly joyful experiences with WinMock .

Q. What would be impossible for you to give up?

There is nothing like waking up in the morning and enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea. This quiet morning time allows me to look forward to the day ahead, reflect on my faith, and give thanks for all that I have. I have made celebrating moments of joy and peace a priority in my life, and as such, it would be impossible to give that beautiful quiet time up.

Q. Where can we find you when you’re not working?

When I’m not working, I am most likely trying out new restaurants or hosting friends and family in our home. I adore spending time with those that mean most to me, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find me out and about with them on any given day.


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Alternate Route from Winston-Salem, NC (Festival of Lights traffic Nov. 21 – Jan. 3):